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A gluten-free journey

The path to gluten-free began in 2007.

Some in my family, including me, can't tolerate gluten. Some can't tolerate dairy. Some can't tolerate gluten OR dairy. Like most others new to the world of gluten-free, we found that most things available in stores were disappointingly bland and horribly void of nutrition. We did not want to settle for mediocre. So, I set off to adapt our favorite things to GF/CF. I love to cook and bake, so it was natural to just go into the kitchen and start experimenting.

Becoming a gluten-free cook was at first a rocky road, becoming familiar with the characteristics of each flour, and learning the right balance of flours and starches. The most important thing I learned was that there is no right solution, just alternatives. It’s just a matter of finding which alternative you like best. My objective was not to just make something that was okay for being gluten-free, but something that was amazing and delicious, and oh, by the way, it’s gluten and dairy free.

I am here to share those recipes with you.

So off we go. Saddle up!


  1. Yeah Dorothy! Glad to see you here! I'm looking forward to following your blog!!!!

  2. Wonderful design. I can't wait to see more recipes.

  3. Heather: You were right - this is fun.

    Grandmary: Thanks Mary! My plan is to update frequently in the next few weeks because I have a lot of holiday recipes to share.


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