A Guide to Natural Sweeteners

The holidays are just around the corner, and visions of dancing sugarplums are no doubt becoming hard to ignore. So much of our holiday culture is about the food, and especially about the sweets. I think we all have childhood memories of sweets that made an appearance only once a year, elevating them to the top of the "all-time favorite goodies" list. The emotional attachments to our holiday sweets is strong. As a child, my favorite holiday candies were my grandmother's penuche and fudge, and my mother's divinity. I have always associated these candies with Christmas and visa versa.

We all have our favorite holiday cookies, cakes, candies, and desserts that we look forward to sharing every year with our families and our friends. Why not make these goodies healthier. The refined sugar called for in most recipes can be replaced with natural alternatives. The result? Goodies that make you feel good, and make your life better.

Last year around this time I found an excellent guide to natural sweeteners on the website of my local organic co-op, PCC (Puget Consumer Cooperative). Here is the link. I hope you find the information useful. I certainly have.

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