Buckwheat and Huckleberries

This morning, hot cereal sounded good. Winter has arrived. The fallen leaves carpeting my lawn are edged and iced with a beautiful sparkling frost. The birdbath is an ice rink. Creamy hot buckwheat cereal sounded just right.

Buckwheat sure was stuck with a bum name. There is nothing wheaty about it. It is not a grain. It is not a grass. It is actually in the fruit family, related to rhubarb. So of course it is gluten-free. The nutritional benefits are huge. Buckwheat has one of the highest sources of protein found in plants. It is rich in lysine and fiber. Read more about the nutritional benefits of buckwheat here.

Buckwheat flour is an interesting addition to gluten-free four blends, adding an earthy flavor. The groats make a delicious hot cereal, which is what I made this morning. I use Bob's Red Mill Creamy Buckwheat Cereal, and more brands are out there. Following package directions, it cooks quickly in just about 10 minutes. I always add nuts and fruit to it after it cooks, sometimes as it is cooking. Today, after it was cooked and dished up, I poured a little vanilla hemp milk and a touch of maple agave syrup over it, then sprinkled huckleberries and toasted slivered almonds on top. The finishing touch was a dusting of cinnamon. How easy and nutritious is that! All the good stuff in the buckwheat, plus the protein and the omega fatty acids in the hemp milk, the antioxidants in the huckleberries, the protein in the almonds, and the heart-healthy attributes of the cinnamon.

Buckwheat and huckleberries. What a delicious way to start the day.

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  1. What a beautiful photo! Your prose is poetry! I am going to get some buckwheat and try this just because you have made it sound so wonderful!


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