Just Beet It!

Have you ever really explored a spice market? I did recently. World Spice Merchants in Seattle has the most wonderful selection of interesting and unusual spices and weird ingredients. This one came home with me. The vivid color attracted me first. It is absolutely beautiful. 

My imagination went wild with what I could turn pink. Cookies, muffins, scones, biscuits, pie crust, frosting, etc. (of course my mind would go to desserts). You get the idea.

When I want to experiment with new ingredients, I usually go to my go-to cookie recipe - GF/CF Drop Sugar Cookies. They are just a simple sweet cookie, like an empty canvas ready to be played with. The flavor of the powder on its own is a little beety but mostly just super sweet. I whisked in four tablespoons of the beet powder to the dry ingredients. The vivid color became a little lighter during baking but is still pretty. After baking, the beet flavor becomes indistinguishable. 

Bottom line:  A little beet powder will make anything naturally pink without adding beet flavor. And who doesn't want pink food?


  1. What a fun idea! Those cookies look delicious!

  2. Thanks Iris! They are delicious. The beet powder makes them extra sweet.

  3. Ooh, I could see using this to tint icing for cupcakes! How fascinating!



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